Duodet Line

Sensitive and hyper-reactive skin types

Safe and gentle cleansing for the face and body


This skin type is characterised by an enhanced reactivity to common stimuli (heat, cold ...), which are usually well tolerated by people with "normal" skin; in addition, sensitive skin is more susceptible to allergies, redness, irritation, itching and burning skin.

Sensitive skin has a constitutional deficit: a developmental alteration of the hydro-lipid film that covers the surface of the skin, and normally forms a barrier system, a defence mechanism against external assaults.


Universal cleanser
for sensitive skin

A low-foaming product formulated to delicately clean the skin even without rinsing. It contains no scents and preservatives is especially indicated for sensitive skin (that does not tolerate common cleansing milks, solid or liquid soaps, etc.) due to the use of a natural surfactant derived from sugar. Duodet is even suitable for cleaning infants and […]

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