Spotless Line

Brown spots

Exclusive combination of activities for lightening action


Brown spots are typical of areas exposed to the sun, like the face and the back of hands.

They are caused by an accumulation of melanin, a pigment of dark brown colour, which is produced by melanocytes, the skin cells responsible for producing this pigment.


Skin-lightening cream
with butyl-resorcinol

SPOTLESS new formula relies on butyl-resorcinol in counteracting melanogenesis and the “luminosity effect” caused by glutathione-cysteine complex. Thanks to the booster effect of hydroxyapatite and to the presence of sunscreens, SPOTLESS is able to make its contribution in the protection against solar UV radiation, one of the main causes of the appearance of skin blemishes. […]

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Lightening gel
Intensive treatment

A transparent and odourless gel which, thanks to its combination of active ingredients, is able to act ecstatically on skin spots, counteracting both melaninic hyper-pigmentation and haemosiderin dis-colourations.

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