Deltacrin Line

Hair loss treatment

An entire line dedicated to the care and prevention of androgenic alopecia

Deltacrin Duo

Conditioning shampoo

An entire range dedicated to the care and prevention of androgenic alopecia


The most frequent cause of hair loss is androgenic alopecia: this is a very common condition in women; it is estimated that it affects 50% of women before they reach 60 years of age.

Male androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, strikes men with a genetic predisposition towards the disease.

Deltacrin Capsule

AGA (Androgenetic alopecia)
food supplement

DELTACRIN® CAPSULE is a food supplement containing Iron and lysine with Melatonin and extracts of Soy and Carthamus. Gluten free. Naturally lactose free.

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Deltacrin Duo


Shampoo with a conditioning effect indicated for fine and oily hair, also suitable for long hair. Protects and repairs hair, without weighing it down. Its photoprotective action prevents the breakdown of keratin and colour fading. Dermatologically tested.

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Deltacrin Fiale

Adjuvant treatment for the prevention of hair loss - Intensive treatment

The product acts on the scalp through the normalising action of panthenol to regulate excess oil and the eutrophic and invigorating effect of theophylline. Moreover, the glycosaminoglycans form a protective film around the hair cuticle, providing excellent protection for hair fibres damaged by external agents and “trichological techniques”. It may also be used in combination […]

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Deltacrin Forte

Strengthening and sebum
balancing cosmetic adjuvant

Strengthening and sebum balancing cosmetic adjuvant for hair and scalp irregularities. Furthermore, this product has an antiradical activity and contains an ingredient that regulates surface microbial flora. Dermatologically tested.

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Regenerative gel
anti hair loss

DELTACRIN PRP is a formulation rich in important active ingredients carefully selected to exert a synergistic action aimed at boosting hair bulb activity and creating optimal conditions for hair thickening. It deeply nourishes the scalp with peptides that mimic endogenous growth factors. It boosts physiological wellbeing and stimulates elasticity and epidermal tonicity. It promotes energy […]

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Deltacrin Shampoo

Adjuvant Anti-Hair
Loss Treatment

As a result of the balanced combination of surfactants, DELTACRIN® Shampoo is an especially gentle shampoo whose active ingredients also help improve the condition of the skin’s natural oil (D-panthenol) and the appearance of the hair. Nickel tested. Dermatologically tested.

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