Deltacrin Capsule

AGA (Androgenetic alopecia)
food supplement

DELTACRIN® CAPSULE is a food supplement containing Iron and lysine with Melatonin and extracts of Soy and Carthamus. Gluten free. Naturally lactose free.

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Adjuvant cosmetic shampoo
for seborrheic dermatitis

Deltacrin® DS Shampoo, thanks to the presence of Ciclopirox and salicylic acid, manages to normalize the microbial flora of the surface part and, consequently, to reduce the most annoying epidermic sensations. Due to its components, such as gluconate zinc and nicotinamide, it exercises a sebum-normalizing and soothing action to the scalp. The product eases the […]

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Deltacrin Duo


Shampoo with a conditioning effect indicated for fine and oily hair, also suitable for long hair. Protects and repairs hair, without weighing it down. Its photoprotective action prevents the breakdown of keratin and colour fading. Dermatologically tested.

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Deltacrin Fiale

Adjuvant treatment for the prevention of hair loss - Intensive treatment

The product acts on the scalp through the normalising action of panthenol to regulate excess oil and the eutrophic and invigorating effect of theophylline. Moreover, the glycosaminoglycans form a protective film around the hair cuticle, providing excellent protection for hair fibres damaged by external agents and “trichological techniques”. It may also be used in combination […]

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Deltacrin Forte

Strengthening and sebum
balancing cosmetic adjuvant

Strengthening and sebum balancing cosmetic adjuvant for hair and scalp irregularities. Furthermore, this product has an antiradical activity and contains an ingredient that regulates surface microbial flora. Dermatologically tested.

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Regenerative gel
anti hair loss

DELTACRIN PRP is a formulation rich in important active ingredients carefully selected to exert a synergistic action aimed at boosting hair bulb activity and creating optimal conditions for hair thickening. It deeply nourishes the scalp with peptides that mimic endogenous growth factors. It boosts physiological wellbeing and stimulates elasticity and epidermal tonicity. It promotes energy […]

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Deltacrin Shampoo

Adjuvant Anti-Hair
Loss Treatment

As a result of the balanced combination of surfactants, DELTACRIN® Shampoo is an especially gentle shampoo whose active ingredients also help improve the condition of the skin’s natural oil (D-panthenol) and the appearance of the hair. Nickel tested. Dermatologically tested.

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Deltacrin WNT

Hair loss
prevention spray

Alcohol-free formula that addresses the main causes of hair thinning and strengthens the hair shafts. Deltacrin WNT can also be used together with other hair treatments. Nickel tested. Silicone-free. Dermatologically and clinically tested.

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Deltacrin WNT Shampoo

of hair loss

Thanks to its innovative formulation, it is capable of combating hair loss and improving the condition of the hair stem. Dermatologically tested.

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A cleansing shampoo with components balancing the skin surface flora and consequently improving the most annoying skin irritations. D-panthenol and collagen leave the hair soft and silky. Dermatologically tested. Nickel tested.

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Shampoo with
vegetable tar

The presence of salicylic acid, cyclopyroxolamine and piroctone olamine gives Deltatar shampoo flaking and anti-dandruff properties and allows its to regulate surface microbial flora. Dermatologically tested.

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Styling gel -
Trichological protection

“Wet” look styling gel. Non-greasy and lightweight, leaving hair shiny and full of body. Not to be confused with ordinary “hair gels” which often leave hair dry and lifeless. Provides protection from sun. Dermatologically tested.

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Miconicon nail solution is a cosmetic treatment for nail health. It keeps the nails and the cuticles in good condition. It is indicated for nail disorders caused by external agents. It moisturises and protects the nail, while having a normalising action on the superficial microbial and mycotic flora.

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Strengthening protective
nail lacquer

Local treatment that can promote fingernail hydration and strengthening, thanks to Urea, Mandelic Acid Millet Oil extract and its high Silicon content. In addition, the presence of Chitosan allows the product to leave an invisible protective layer on the nail plate and cuticle. Water-soluble, quick drying.

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Food supplement
for patients with psoriasis

PSOR® is a supplement of folic acid, vitamin D3 and coenzyme Q10, with added extract of silymarin and polypodium leucotomos. Folic acid promotes the normal metabolism of homocysteine, while vitamin D3 assists in the process of cell division, and polypodium leucotomos promotes the trophic level and functioning of the skin. Gluten-free.

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Food supplement
for skin adnexa

TRICONICON® is a food supplement containing Sulphur Amino-Acids (I-Cystine, I-Methionine, I-Glutathion) and trace elements (Iron, Copper, Selenium, Zinc) and Vitamin B5 and ubidecarenone. Selenium and Zinc maintain normal hair and nails. Copper, Selenium and Zinc also help protect cells against oxidative stress. Gluten free. Naturally lactose free.

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