Fotoker Line

Actinic keratosis

An innovative line of products dedicated to repairing DNA damage caused by sunlight


These pink, red or yellowish-white, slightly raised lesions, which are sometimes rough or scaly and located on the areas of our skin exposed to the sun.

These skin lesions are due to the effects of ultraviolet rays, and represent a pre-cancerous form; for this reason, they must be treated, and it is important to prevent their onset in susceptible individuals as far as possible.

Fotoker Crema

Dermatological cream -
Actinic Damage Control

FOTOKER® is intended to facilitate an improvement in the manifestations of actinic keratosis and to prevent the onset of DNA damage caused by UV rays that predisposes to various forms of skin cancer.

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Fotoker Orale

Zinc food supplement
with PP Mix™

FOTOKER® ORALE is a food supplement containing zinc and PP Mix ™. Zinc contributes to normal DNA synthesis; polypodium leucotomos is useful for trophism and skin functions, while pomegranate has an antioxidant action. Gluten free.

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Fotoker Post

Dermatological Fluid Post-exposure Solar Radiation

FOTOKER® POST, applied after sun exposure (or UV), keeps skin soft and supple and helps fight oxidative stress.

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